Dr. Sabrina Naseem

Who is Dr. Sabrina Naseem?

Sabrina is a psychiatrist who uses unconventional therapeutic practices, like sex therapy, dance therapy, and couples therapy, to help those who feel lost gain reconnection with themselves, and rekindle their relationships. She believes in using a different approach to therapy in order to create a creative, freeing environment for her clients and help them find balance within themselves.

Sex Therapy, Dance Therapy + Couples therapy

Together, we created:

/ brand strategy + direction
/ brand identity (logo, fonts, color palette)
/ Facebook + Instagram Templates
/ Email Marketing template

The Problem

In Alia's Words:
Sabrina had big dreams for her practice and needed an organized, consistent, clear brand that would showcase her bold, creative personality.  It needed to grow with her business as she created her multiple streams of revenue.  She needed a way to connect with her audience on a personal level and show them that she was not a, "come sit in my chair," kind of therapist, but instead a vibrant, free-spirited friend.  She also needed professional guidance on how to market herself through her messaging and brand personality.

In Sabrina's Words: 
"I want to integrate embodiment, sacred dance and dance techniques in this project to help my clientele online, create programs/online conferences, and sell ebooks, self-help journals etc, to help, not only clients, but also other professionals looking to talk in a safe space about their clients." ... "I want to be able to reach a greater audience and market it properly so that it looks professional, but also fun and sexy."

A multipurpose, growing brand with personality

The Strategy

Understanding her Audience + creating an experience

During Sabrina's strategy session, we determined she had 3 different audience personas she needed to connect with and unearthed their personalities in order to understand them.  We then discussed Sabrina's bold, playful style and how to marry her personality with her audience's in order to successfully market herself.

The Result

A bold, free-spirited, Sophisticated brand

“My business concept was all over the place before working with Alia, aka running chaos. With her help I was able to identify my ideal customers and brand values and strategically find and convert them. I gained clarity and had a strategy to move forward.

Also, I love my Sun Brand Guide! It saves me so much time when working with publicists, collaborators, photographers, designers, etc.!"

 "My favorite part of working with Alia was her fun personality. She took my words and feelings and turned them into a strategy to attract the clients I truly care for. In terms of the design and strategy she delivered beyond my expectations.

Investment well worth!


Brand Design + ASSETS:

Brand strategy:


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