UF's Center for Arts, Migration + Entrepreneurship

Who is CAME?

The University of Florida's Center for Arts, Migration + Entrepreneurship is an organization that connects networks of scholars, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and advocates to the engines of creative and cultural economics at the heart of migration. 

CENTER FOR ARTs, Migration + Entrepreneurship

Together, we created:

/ brand identity (logo, font Suite, voice)
/ Marketing Strategy
/ Website Strategy + MockUp
/ Social Media Templates
/ Zoom Backgrounds
/ Event Fliers, PAMPHLETS + Postcards
/ Webinar slides + Presentations
/ Newsletter design
/ T-Shirt design
/ sticker collection

The Problem

CAME is a relatively new center at the University of Florida and hadn't yet established their brand and personality in a visual way.  They needed a bold identity that set them apart from UFs academically-focused Centers that held a level prestige while still being alive, creative, and fun.  They also needed to develop an updated marketing strategy revolving around this brand to increase engagement and help the Center become more widely known.

Increased Engagement and a Memorable brand

The Strategy

Understanding their Audience + creating an experience

CAME had already established their trademark orange color, so we created a complimenting color palette of yellows and light oranges to highlight it.  This lead to the triangular tiled pattern that soon became the pattern they are now known for.  The triangles symbolized their three pillars, while expressing a creative and bold personality.  We let this design be the leading force of the brand and used it as a marketing tool to reach creative scholars, affiliate faculty, and donors.

The Result

A Bold, Creative, Scholarly Brand

"Alia quickly became the driving force and thought leader for me on design direction of every event and program for our Center.

Not only is she consistently able to deliver skillful and engaging design assets, but she led CAME’s strategies for branding, website, and marketing.

The strategies she designed and helped implement from the ground up increased engagement and gave us the unique aesthetic we are now known for."

"Alia is the kind of designer that always brings artful innovation, the kind of employee that often goes beyond the boundaries of the role, and the kind positivity-exuding collaborator you simply want on your team.

I highly and confidently recommend her to future employers for the boundless value she brings to the table."


Brand Design + ASSETS:

Brand strategy:


Adventurepreneur Design Den

Adventurepreneur Design Den

Unsplash.com + UF Facutly