Tan Traveler's Club

Who is Tan Traveler's Club?

Tan Traveler's Club is a travel blog on a mission to inspire the average person to explore more by spreading the word about natural, paradise destinations that you didn't realize were right down the street.  Beyond anything, they believe in the ability to find adventure anywhere.

Rediscovering hidden paradise spots for the anti-tourist

Together, we created:

/ website + blog design
/ brand identity (logo, fonts, color palette)
/ sticker collection

The Problem

Tan Traveler's Club needed to stand out as a vanlife travel blog, especially now, when so many others are doing the same thing.  But, it was also important for them to put forth an authentic personality that attracted an audience.  They wanted to sell merchandise like stickers and postcards in order to engage their audience and create a community.  And, more than anything, they wanted to promote adventure, inclusion, and freedom.

A Blog That Stands Out Against the saturated travel industry

The Strategy

Understanding their Audience + creating an experience

TTC was very adamant about creating a community and getting people outdoors to explore the beauties of nature.  Together we created the postcard aesthetic, encouraging the idea of sharing travels and including family and friends.  We chose a bolder, beachy aesthetic to help them stand out and avoid looking like the typical beach brand.  This made them feel more authentic, original, and adventurous.  

The Result

An Adventurous, beachy, bold brand


Brand Design + ASSETS:

Brand strategy:


Website Design:

Adventurepreneur Design Den

Adventurepreneur Design Den


Adventurepreneur Design Den


Tan Traveler's club is fictional project for skill-display purposes only.