Lambros Looks

Who is Lambros Looks?

Lambros Looks is run by the talented Hannah Lambros who focuses on creating the best experience for her clients. She takes pride in her work and believes in, not simply styling hair, but bringing a vision to life.  Her mission is to have her clients feeling like their best selves.

Hairstyling and Beauty

Together, we created:

/ brand direction
/ brand identity (logo, fonts, color palette)
/ Website Design

The Problem

In Alia's Words:
Hannah herself has so much genuine glamor in her personality, but not in an intimidating way - she is inspiring, welcoming, and brings so much enthusiasm to her work.  She needed a brand and website that reflected those same personality traits.  She also did not have an organized, easy, clear website to show her offerings and invite her audience in. 

In Hannah's Words: 
"Starting a business is hard, especially if you have the technology skills of a dinosaur like me. As a new hairstylist, I wanted to build a website that would portray both my personality and my work."

A brand that simply felt like her

The Strategy

Understanding her Audience + creating an experience

I got to know Hannah very well before this project, and she was confident in giving me complete creative freedom throughout the process.  The goal was to simply portray her personality in a way that truly reflected her and also invited her audience to experience her hairstyling process. 

It was important to portray her website as welcoming, inspiring, and glamorous so that her audience was amazed, excited, and eager to reach out.  It was also important to create an organized, clear path for her website visitors to follow, from entering the home page to booking an appointment.

The Result

A glamorous, inspiring, and Engaging brand

"The communication with Alia throughout this whole process has been extremely thorough; she really took the time to ask questions and personalize this website to me perfectly."


Brand Design + ASSETS:


Website Design:

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Hannah Lambros +

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